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As a proven brand for over 25 years, we focus on skillful and responsive client service. Our risk management ideas, and various platforms, are designed to support and strengthen our clients protective field over their assets, and optimize their profitability. We look to add powerful risk management solutions, while minimizing uncertainty.

We are now part of HUB International.

Why Us?

The Power of Partnership

Unlike the large insurance houses which treat their clients as statistical numbers, we are more of a boutique agency offering dedicated service representatives that know your business model and your goals, and that will be available to you as a part of your team.

The Power of Experience

We work for you, around the clock. No matter the reason, time, or circumstance, we're here to help you.

The Strength of Trust

At Kokkoris Insurance Services we are Independent Agents thus giving us the flexibility to approach a wide range of Carriers in order to tailor make the most comprehensive, and most affordable solution for your needs.

Providing Insurance Services Coast to Coast for over 25 Years.

Welcome to Kokkoris Insurance Services, a leading insurance broker for over 25 years providing insurance protection and services for a vast array of clients including hospitality, bar, and lounge, restaurant, contractors and developers.

Relax every day with the right insurance in place

"Our mission is to be the most innovative, responsive and trusted Insurance Agency by providing continuous value to our clients.”

— Jordan Kokkoris

Our customized programs and various platforms include a wide variety of coverages

Kokkoris Insurance Services can lend help in finding the best coverage and policy quotes for your business and meeting your financial needs. Contact us today by phone or email, and we'll begin putting together the best insurance plans for you!