Liquor Liability Insurance for Caterers & Bartenders: Why It Matters

Most bartenders and caterers who serve alcoholic beverages at events do so responsibly — they understand the issues that can result from overserving patrons and guests. However, even the most conscientious servers can’t always spot the signs of inebriation. A fight can break out without warning, or people who’ve had too much to drink could fall and injure themselves. Plus, there’s always the risk that an attendee could get behind the wheel and cause a fatal accident on the way home.

The nature of the business can also place caterers and bartenders at a higher liability risk. Caterers often work at celebratory events such as wedding receptions, holiday parties and corporate gatherings. Some of the attendees may consume more alcohol than they would under normal circumstances, which can lead to trouble. And at an event with hundreds of guests, it’s virtually impossible for bartenders to monitor the condition of everyone who is drinking — or spot underage individuals who may be “sneaking” drinks.

Why Caterers Need Liquor Liability Insurance

If you’re a caterer, you could be deemed legally liable for any damages or harm caused by an intoxicated guest. If an injured party decides to sue you and receives a favorable judgment, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to resolve the issue. As a small business owner, this is probably an expense you can’t afford. Liquor liability insurance can cover the monetary damages, legal fees and other costs associated with your case and potentially prevent a financial catastrophe for your company.

Is Liquor Liability Insurance Required for Bartenders?

We know caterers need protection — but does a personal bartender need liquor liability insurance, as well? While you’re not legally required to have insurance, it’s prudent to purchase the coverage. In most cases, a personal injury attorney will attempt to sue everyone involved in an incident, including the individuals who staged or hosted the event and even the bartenders who served the drinks — and that means you could be on the hook for some or all of the financial damages.

You can’t always be sure your employer carries an adequate amount of liquor liability insurance. If you’re serving drinks at a house party, the homeowner might only have $100,000 or $300,000 in liability coverage — you could be legally responsible for paying any excess amount. Purchasing a plan for yourself could save you from financial ruin.

Kokkoris Insurance Services Can Provide the Right Liquor Liability Coverage for Your Needs

At Kokkoris Insurance Services, we can offer liquor liability insurance for caterers and bartenders in New York City, Long Island, and beyond. Our dedicated staff will work closely with you to develop a plan that covers all areas of exposure and fits your budget. You’ll also appreciate the first-class service and support that have been the hallmark of our company for more than 25 years.

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