Commercial Auto Insurance

You probably already have personal automobile insurance for you and your loved ones. But what about the vehicles you use for your business? Hotels use van shuttles for transporting guests between locations. Food service businesses will sometimes use vans for catering as well as small trucks to bring in deliveries. Contractors are constantly using trucks to drive between sites and bring in necessary tools.

Making sure you have the proper insurance and coverage for these vehicles is crucial to keeping your business and employees safe in the case of a vehicle incident.

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is quite different from personal auto insurance. In New York, you're legally required to purchase commercial auto insurance for any work-related vehicles you employ on the road. You'll find yourself with a coverage plan that's bigger and more encompassing than the one you have for your personal car. With this coverage, you continue to pay a premium price for the guarantee that an insurance company will then pay for any losses that occur.

Three levels of coverage come with commercial auto insurance — property, liability and medical. It's important to note and remember, however, that the minimum insurance will cover only damage that your car causes — not necessarily the damage done to your car.

Any car, van or truck your company uses to conduct and operate your business is required to be covered by commercial auto insurance. This law includes construction vehicles, pick-up trucks, delivery vehicles and any other car or van that's used specifically for your business.

While the premium cost is high with commercial auto insurance, it's to help cover the higher risks involved if your vehicle falls victim to an accident. Many work trucks are outfitted with extra gadgets and tools, increasing the worth and value of a company-operated vehicle. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your company's assets on the road!

How Will This Insurance Benefit My Business? 

In a variety of incidents, your company will be protected and not have to worry about costly medical or repair expenses. You're liable for any bodily injuries or property damages that occur as a result of an accident. You would also be responsible for repairing your vehicle due to damage as well as any injury or hurt your driver obtains. With commercial auto insurance, these fees will be covered thanks to your pre-emptive premium payments. You'll have greater peace of mind knowing your vehicles, drivers and business are safe under this coverage.

Get a Commercial Auto Coverage Quote

If you need commercial car insurance in New York, contact Kokkoris Insurance Services for a free quote and consultation. Our team has been working on behalf of businesses in New York for more than 25 years, and we understand the concerns companies have. If you're a small business worried about premium costs, we can help you seek out a competitively-priced policy, which offers good coverage. If you're a larger company, we can find the right commercial auto car coverage in New York to cover inter-state travel, large fleets, multiple employee drivers and more.

We go beyond New York state minimum liability car insurance limits to bring you quality coverage, which can protect you in the event of a crash. Our team also develops connections with insurance companies across the country, so we can bring you the best rates from multiple carriers, allowing you to make true comparisons.

We know you’re not just looking for insurance — you’re looking for a way to protect the assets and company you have worked so hard to build, and you’re looking for solutions that fit your needs and budget. At Kokkoris Insurance Services, our dedicated service representatives never treat our clients like a number. We bring you personalized solutions based on your business goals and your company structure. Contact Kokkoris Insurance Services today for a free quote and consultation to find out more.

Is Commercial Auto Insurance Required in New York?

Commercial auto insurance provides you with rental reimbursement, so you can continue offering services and keep your business running with rentals. It also covers the costs of replacing or repairing trucks and cars damaged in crashes as well as other expenses.

If you use any vehicle for business, you have to have commercial car insurance in New York. You're not permitted to use personal car insurance for commercial vehicles or cars used for business. If your fleet crosses state lines, you may also need to ensure you have the right coverage for that risk and have the required minimums in the states where you travel.

In New York state, the minimums for liability for car insurance include a $10,000 minimum in property damage liability, a $25,000 minimum in individual bodily injury and a minimum of $50,000 in individual death coverage. Even if you take steps to reduce your legal liability, you may want to consider getting enough car insurance for your New York business to ensure you don’t have to pay costs out of pocket. Having just the minimums can mean the full costs of a car collision are not covered.

Talk to Kokkoris Insurance Services to review the insurance that may be right for you and discuss ways to reduce your coverage costs. Kokkoris Insurance Services has customizable options and offers a free quote and evaluation, so you can get the facts before you decide on a policy.

Who Needs This Business Auto Coverage?

You may need commercial car insurance if you do any driving in your business. For instance, you could require commercial dump car insurance in New York if you haul waste with your trucks or commercial auto insurance and coverage for your car and truckers. Whether you have an owner-operated truck fleet or any vehicle you use for business, you need insurance in New York and in any other region where your drivers go. Make sure you have proper insurance for any trucks you rent, lease or purchase.

It's important to note that you must keep your personal car and business vehicles separate. If you use your personal car or pick-up truck for any business tasks, your personal insurance will not cover any damages or losses. Make sure you separate the use of any vehicles and secure your work vehicles with the right insurance to avoid having to pay medical bills, car repair costs, lawsuit awards and other expenses yourself. Similarly, make sure you have commercial auto insurance for any vehicle used for commercial purposes.

You need business car insurance on any vehicle used for your business, including your own fleet of cars and any vehicles your business leases. Even if an employee uses their personal car for work tasks, you need to ensure the right insurance is in place. Your drivers at work also need to be covered.

Talk to Us About Coverage Options

While commercial auto car coverage is a significant business expense in New York, there are ways you can reduce your costs. Contact Kokkoris Insurance Services for a commercial truck care quote for your New York business. Talk to our team. You may be able to reduce your costs and secure fleet discounts by considering the types of vehicles you use in your business. Legal liability and car insurance in New York can seem complex, but Kokkoris Insurance Services can cut through the confusion and discuss your needs and budget in plain English to get you the coverage you need.

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