Commercial Forgery Insurance for New York Businesses

If you're like most business owners in New York, you carry property insurance to protect your facility against losses due to perils such as fire and vandalism. You probably also have liability insurance to cover injuries and damages you may unintentionally cause to customers and other third parties. But, do you have sufficient protection for what matters the most — the money you work so hard to earn each day?

Why You Need Money and Securities Crime Coverage

Imagine these all-too-common scenarios: you're in the office counting the proceeds at the end of a busy day when a thief breaks in and robs you at gunpoint. Or, perhaps someone gets ahold of a pile of your company's blank checks and uses them to make sizeable drafts against your business. These are just a few of the many examples where money and securities coverage from Kokkoris Insurance Services can help to prevent a financial disaster for your business.

What Is Money and Securities Coverage?

A money and securities insurance policy will cover you and your business for losses resulting from the theft, destruction or disappearance of cash or securities — such as checks — that occurs inside the premises. It can also provide coverage for these situations if they occur away from the premises, such as when you or a messenger are transporting funds to the bank for deposit. Coverage is available in various amounts to meet your requirements.

Forgery and Alternation Coverage Is Also Available

These plans can also protect your business against forgeries and alterations performed by third parties. So, if someone forges or alters one of your business's checks, you will have coverage for any amount up to the limits of your policy. In addition to checks, you will also have money orders and counterfeit money coverage. However, the protection only applies to the actions of third parties — not for forgeries or alterations conducted by you or your employees.

Doesn't My Commercial Property Policy Provide This Type of Coverage?

Many business owners believe their commercial property policy will provide money and securities coverage for their business. Unfortunately, most "standard" policies do not offer this protection. Unless you purchase an adequate amount of money and securities crime coverage, you may have to hope that law enforcement will apprehend the perpetrators and recover the missing funds — which is a risk most companies cannot afford to take.

Why Trust Kokkoris Insurance Services for Your Money and Securities Coverage Needs?

Astoria-based Kokkoris Insurance Services has been helping New York business owners protect their property and assets for more than 25 years. Our dedicated insurance professionals will help you choose a plan that's specifically designed for your unique protection requirements — and also fits your budget. With our commitment to delivering top-notch service to every policyholder, we'll also be there to meet your evolving insurance needs over time.

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