General Liability Insurance Policies

To be liable is to be legally and financially responsible for something, whether it's an object you own or an action you committed. In the business world, it becomes important to not only take on business liability in the name of your company or organization but also to protect yourself from outside claims and reports. No matter which sect of hospitality you're a member of — hotels, restaurants, real estate, contracting or bars and lounges — you have the right to obtain general liability insurance.

General liability insurance coverage in New York is important because the unexpected can occur at any moment. Whether a guest is injured on your property or one of your properties is damaged through a covered incident, general liability insurance is important to keep you and your interests safe.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

Risk financing goes hand-in-hand with liability insurance, protecting the insured from the risk of any liabilities that are enforced by third parties or outside lawsuits. You can find yourself protected from claims that have given you damage or injury due to business operations. General liability insurance will cover multiple claims, including:

  • Bodily injury and associated medical payments
  • Property damage
  • Physical damage to your car
  • Damage to rented products or premises

Do I Need It?

Many businesses and companies will find that they already have a general liability insurance policy that's included under their business's property insurance. For contractors specifically, you'll want to take out this individual insurance coverage — many risks are associated with contracting duties that you need to be fully prepared and liable for.

If you're based in New York, you have many choices when it comes to general liability insurance. You may find you need coverage for:

  • Professional liability
  • Products and completed operations
  • Innkeepers liability
  • Medical payments
  • Premises
  • Fire liability
  • Liquor liability
  • Cyber liability

Even if you are an LLC, the LLC structure will not protect you in all claims, especially if you may have committed negligence or mixed business and personal expenses.

Having adequate liability coverage is also important to growing your business. Investors, partners, vendors, lenders and any larger businesses looking to work with you will want to see that you have adequate coverage to protect the company in the event of any claim. You may find it harder to secure financing and expand your business unless you have good insurance, even if liability coverage is not a legal requirement in your industry.

Every hospitality servicer within the five boroughs of New York should have general liability insurance, and we at Kokkoris Insurance Services are here to make that happen. With free quotes and evaluations of your existing coverage, we can match your business with perfectly priced insurance policies to meet your coverage needs.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

Typically, general liability insurance coverage in New York covers damage and losses others suffer. It will not cover damages to your own business property or the medical and related costs of workers at your business who are injured on the job.

Business liability insurance for your New York covers the same damages as general liability insurance, but also offers added property insurance and business interruptions insurance. With such a policy, you may be compensated for insured assets harmed by windstorms, theft, fire and other insured events. You may also be able to recover for some of the financial losses when you must stop your company’s operations.

If you are a smaller organization, you may be interested in small business liability insurance options in New York. Designed specifically for smaller companies, this coverage protects against business disruption, injured on your business property and damages to your company property and assets. If you rent your business property, look into general liability insurance for rental property in New York.

In addition to business liability insurance in New York, you may wish to look at whole insurance solutions, which offer you robust protection.

General liability insurance coverage will cover your legal bills, evidence costs, witness expenses and any judgments or settlements so that you don't have to pay these costs out of pocket.

Benefits of General Business Liability Coverage

General liability insurance helps protect your business in incidental cases where it's found liable for injuring or damaging an individual exposed to your business operations. This insurance will help cover legal fees and often pay the damages incurred.

Your business can benefit from this broad insurance policy in many ways. First comes bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. This component ensures that if anyone hurts themselves while inside your hotel or feels emotionally distressed by the happenings inside your bar, your company remains protected from legal loss.

Second is personal and advertising injury coverage. Falsely arresting, writing and spreading slander, using a trademarked or copyrighted idea or wrongfully claiming an invasion of privacy are all claims that this insurance can protect against to keep your business in the clear of financial burdens.

Third, general liability insurance provides you with coverage for medical payments. It covers the injuries and medical expenses accrued by customers and non-employees who have been injured at your place of business. No matter if the payments are a result of surgical procedures, ambulance transports, hospital stays or funeral services, your liability will be covered without the closure or interruption of your operations.

Get a General Liability Insurance Policy

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