Assault and Battery Coverage

In the hospitality industry, the goal is usually to provide a pleasant and relaxing environment for guests. Unfortunately, sometimes situations become aggressive and quickly escalate, and physical confrontations can happen. If they occur in your hotel, bar, restaurant or other business, assault and battery insurance is important to keep you safe.

What is Assault and Battery Insurance?

Assault and battery coverage for bars and other establishments protects businesses in the event they are sued after a physical confrontation occurs between two or more parties. In these situations, if one or more individuals are injured, they may pursue the establishment where the assault took place. This type of coverage covers costs related to your defense and any settlement or awards in the case. If you are not covered, you have to cover these costs yourself.

Do I Need Assault and Battery Insurance?

Some businesses mistakenly assume that their business liability insurance, which covers liability claims for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury liability, also covers assault and battery, but this type of specific situation is often excluded in such policies. This is especially the case for any hospitality business that serves alcohol or permits alcohol on the premises.

Some business owners assume they cannot be sued if two people get into an altercation because it is the two parties involved who created the situation. This is not the case. Legal claims may be made that alcohol served on the premises contributed to an assault or that a property owner did not take reasonable precautions in hiring security to prevent the problem. Even if you did not cause the assault, you may be held liable as a business owner. In these cases, having coverage is important to avoid considerable legal defense costs and other costs from falling on you.

You will also want to speak to an insurance professional about assault and battery coverage if you have bouncers or any security personnel on your premises. In cases where someone becomes aggressive, security personnel may need to restrain a person or may even need to defend themselves against aggression. Unfortunately, if the attacker is injured by your doorman, security guard, bouncer or another security professional, you can be held liable.

If you have a hospitality business — or really any customer-facing business — in New York, violence can occur on your premises, no matter how many steps you take to prevent it. If you serve alcohol or have any security persons on your premises, your risk of liability increases and you need coverage in case you are accused of being liable in an assault claim.

Where Can I get Assault and Battery Insurance Coverage in New York?

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