Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in New York

Doctors are required to carry medical malpractice insurance in the event of any perceived negligence that leads to a lawsuit. However, doctors are not the only professionals who are at risk of legal claims. Any professional who offers advice or services to the public or other businesses may find themselves facing the prospect of a lawsuit, and having general professional liability insurance in New York or an insurance specially designed for your industry can help in these situations.

What Is Professional Liability Insurance Coverage?

Professional liability coverage can fall under general liability insurance in that it protects professionals from meritless and meretricious lawsuits arising from their work duties. This type of coverage can apply to architects, lawyers, engineers, IT professionals and others.

In the event of a perceived instance of negligence, this insurance can protect a professional. For example, if an architect is accused of negligently causing an error that makes a building unsafe, or if an IT professional is accused of causing a software glitch that leads to hours of downtime, customers may pursue legal action to recover their losses.

Even if no negligence has occurred and the professional is not liable, defense costs can be substantial. Professional liability coverage pays for these costs and can also cover settlement or judgement costs if a court sides with a customer instead of the professional.

Types of Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Many related forms of coverage may be of interest to professionals, including accountant liability insurance, malpractice coverage, engineer liability insurance and more. If you are a professional, chances are, there is an insurance solution specifically for your field.

Restaurant owners may also want to look into food contamination insurance in New York. If there is an outbreak of food-borne illness related to your restaurant, or if you are shut down for violations of health codes, this coverage helps you replace lost food and assists with clean-up and other expenses related to the incident.

If you have a hotel or other hospitality property, liability insurance for wedding venue owners in New York may be of interest. This insurance protects you if a guest is injured on the property or if a fire occurs due to the wedding celebrations. You may also be covered in the event of foodborne illness and other events.

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