Fleet Commerical Auto Insurance

Fleet Commerical Auto Insurance

Commercial vehicles often spend more time on the road than personal-use vehicles — think of a delivery van that drops off or picks up orders eight hours a day or a garbage truck that spends the entire day traversing its trash collection route. Consequently, they face increased exposure to accidents and other risks. If your business owns a fleet of commercial vehicles in New York, you’ll need to verify that you carry a sufficient amount of fleet commercial vehicle insurance.

What Does Private Fleet Car Insurance Cover?

The insurance requirements for business autos in New York are the same as those for personal vehicles — your fleet policy must include at least the state-mandated minimum amounts for liability (injury, death or property damage caused by you or your employees while driving), and personal injury protection, which covers accident-related medical expenses.

You’ll probably also want to include physical damage coverage (which is broken down into comprehensive and collision), which protects against accident-related damage to your fleet vehicles, as well as theft, fire, vandalism and collisions with animals.

What Doesn’t Fleet Car Insurance Cover?

Commercial fleet car insurance typically does not cover business property inside the vehicles. For example, suppose you own a bakery, and an employee is using a company vehicle to deliver bagels and donuts to an office. If the driver has an accident while en route, your policy would only cover vehicle damage and injuries. Coverage for the loss of the baked goods would likely fall under your commercial property insurance plan.

Also, a commercial fleet policy won’t protect you if you use your personal auto in the course of your business — but then, your personal car insurance coverage probably won’t, either. If you’re planning to use this vehicle to make deliveries, haul equipment or perform other business activities, you’ll need to title it in the name of your company and add it to your fleet policy.

Is Fleet Commercial Auto Insurance Expensive?

A variety of factors will affect the premium for your fleet car insurance plan. Understandably, the more vehicles you insure, the higher your costs will be. The type of autos you own and where you plan to use them will also impact the price — heavy New York City traffic creates a higher exposure than when driving in remote areas of Long Island. And insurance carriers will consider the nature of your business and scrutinize the driving records of all employees who will be driving the vehicles.

Kokkoris Insurance Services Can Provide the Right Fleet Car Insurance Plan for Your New York Business

Whether your fleet consists of a few vehicles or a few hundred, you can count on the pros at Kokkoris Insurance Services for comprehensive, affordable coverage. We’ve been helping companies like yours in the five boroughs and Long Island fulfill their insurance requirements for more than 25 years. Our dedicated team will assess all the factors that impact your business and help you choose a plan that’s the best fit for your needs and budget.

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