Data Processing Equipment Coverage

Most businesses today use computers and electronics for day-to-day operations. While this can make work more efficient, it can also open companies up to risks not typically covered by commercial liability coverage and commercial property insurance.

What Is Data Processing Equipment Coverage and Computer Equipment Insurance in New York?

To protect your computers and electronic devices, your commercial insurance needs to cover the hardware itself. In the event of theft or fire, for example, you want to be able to replace the computers that were stolen or damaged.

Many commercial property insurance policies, however, only cover the hardware. If you want to insure data processing equipment in New York, you also need to protect the data, and data processing coverage does just that. Data processing coverage in New York covers data and equipment. Your policy may cover you for:

  • Data Processing Media: Flash drives, disk drives, discs and any media your information is stored on
  • Data Processing Equipment: Monitors, laptops, servers, tablets, terminals and other computer equipment
  • Data Processing Data: Files, programs, software, data and anything else stored on media or computers

Data processing equipment coverage covers damage from storms, theft, fire, humidity, temperature changes, power surges, shorts, defective products, mechanical failure and criminal activity. It can also cover you in the event of interruptions from utility services providers.

Do You Need Electronic Data Processing Equipment Insurance in New York?

Since almost every business today uses computers, data processing equipment coverage is essential for virtually all companies. Whether you have a series of workstations or everyone uses laptops, losing time at work can mean a loss of profits. Losing customer data, client reservations or a new marketing campaign can be devastating, and the costs of IT to repair the issue can be prohibitive. The right insurance gives you peace of mind, so don’t wait until a virus or outage causes you to lose valuable digital and data assets.

In addition to covering your computers, consider this type of insurance for any electronic equipment which is valuable. You can get coverage for phone systems, photocopiers, printers, 3-D printers, communication systems and any other electronic equipment crucial to your operations. When using anti-virus and strong passwords is not enough, insurance protects you.

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