Fire Liability Coverage

Fire can occur at any time in a business. If you own a restaurant, high heat in the kitchen can lead to a conflagration. In hotels, guests may bring candles into rooms or may smoke — even when it is prohibited — putting your property at risk.

It can take just minutes for a fire to spread and ruin years of hard work you have put into a business. Recovering from a fire can take months or even years, depending on the extent of the damage. Having strong coverage in place can be the difference between recovering from disaster and having to close your doors permanently.

What Is Fire Liability Coverage?

Fire liability coverage falls under general liability insurance, and business owners with liability insurance and property insurance will generally have some form of fire legal liability coverage in New York. However, given how expensive a fire can be and how difficult it can be to recover from as a business, you will want to ensure your coverage will protect you in case of an inferno.

You can purchase fire legal liability insurance in New York, which protects you in case anyone is injured in a fire on your business property. If you own a hotel or restaurant or any hospitality property, keep in mind you may have multiple guests and visitors at the time of a blaze, and this type of insurance will cover their medical bills and costs. If anyone sues you for being injured, fire legal liability insurance coverage can help you pay for the defense costs and settlements.

In addition, you will want fire insurance for your buildings in New York. If a blaze ruins your hotel, apartment, store, warehouse or other property, insurance can pay for repair costs and replacement costs. Fire damage insurance coverage is also crucial in New York because of close construction in some areas. If a nearby building burns and your business property sustains damages, this coverage can help you pay for repair costs, so you can keep your doors open.

Are You Looking for Fire Damage Legal Liability Insurance in New York?

If the worst happens and you find your business property impacted by a fire, you want to have the right policy in place so you can start over. To ensure you have the broadest protection from the highest-risk events for your business, contact Kokkoris Insurance Services for a free quote and consultation. Whether you’re concerned about fire damaging your interiors, keeping you closed for months or making you lose valuable files and information, we work with you to find personalized solutions.

The team at Kokkoris Insurance Services understands no two businesses are the same when it comes to fire insurance needs. It’s why we take the time to understand your concerns, business and goals so we can find you the right insurance solutions, on your budget. We bring you options and answer your questions, so you can feel confident in your peace of mind as you work on growing your company.

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